Friday, February 5, 2010

I love my friends, part 2

Fluffy: 'Retards flock to you, Ubu'
Ubu: 'I am their king'

FatherBadTouch: So what job are you volunteering for?
Towersheep: I am a medic?
FatherBadTouch: Something tells me you're a good one.
Massive: It's pretty fucking easy. All you have to do is point your medic gun at him.
Towersheep: Oh ya, one guy was having a heart attack. I gave him an uber. Problem solved.

Ishikawa: Ok Mati, What's the plan that we'll eventually ignore?

alderbarren: Me vs. cooking
alderbarren: ROUND TWO
alderbarren: FITE
alderbarren: FIRE FROM MY HANDS

On the phone:
Ubu: Mati?
Mati: Ubu! Match in 8 minutes.
Ubu: You got somebody else you can use? I literally just got done having vigorous sex, and I'm not exactly at my best.
Mati: Haha, yeah, I think so.
8 Minutes Later, on vent
KingUbu has connected
Ubu: Whats up guys
Mati: I though you just got done having vigorous sex?
Ubu: I did. Now I'm kicking her out so I can play video games.
Fluffy: Ubu, you're my hero.

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